In-Facility and Web-Based Courses and Counseling Services

Court and other Agency Ordered Classes, Programs, Assessments & Counseling

If you are reading this, you may have a pending criminal offense or other pending action(s) from another agency (such as Probation, Parole, Child Protective Services, Licensing Board, Human Resource Department, etc.) which require you to complete specific programs. TCSA is committed to assisting you with completing your required programs and wishes to provide opportunities for you to gain insight and information to help you with long term lifestyle success.

TCSA provides our programs in three different platforms:

In-Facility Services

Conducted at our brick-and-mortar locations and require participants to attend class physically at the location.

Web-Based Services

Conducted with the use of a HIPAA approved telehealth method requiring participants to be present and to participate via audio and video.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Completed by participants individually by working through readings, videos, worksheets and slides for each lesson.

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In-Facility & Web-Based Courses and Counseling Services