Diversion Opportunity Class (DOC)


Cognitive Skills Course

Total Cost: $225 for 5 two-hour classes for a total of 10 class hours, or $45 per class

Evening and weekend classes are available.

Please note: DOC structure and cost may vary depending on location and program design developed at the request of referring agencies in those locations.

Scroll below to view full program description. DOC core concepts are supplemented with the emphases listed below.

Certificate of completion and monthly progress reports will be provided.

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DOC is a brief, cognitive skills, educational program designed to:

  • Provide an introduction to cognitive skills and allow for practice of these skills
  • Allow for exploration, evaluation, and challenging of past thinking and choices which have caused troubles
  • Assess current satisfaction with life domains (such as health, family, financial, social etc.) and develop a lifestyle vision plan
  • Provide an introduction to supportive community self-help resources and services; assess current relationships and explore healthy vs unhealthy boundaries as this pertains to long term success and satisfaction

DOC by Emphasis:

Aggression control/Anger Management within all relationships to include Domestic Relationships (partners; children; and roommates):

In addition to the core concepts of DOC, this emphasis pays special attention to individual relationship styles within the context of our interactions with all individuals but especially within those who are a more integral part of our daily domestic lives. Emotion regulation techniques are presented and practiced.

Money Management/Theft Prevention:

In addition to the core concepts of DOC, this emphasis pays special attention to the financial domains of our life and mistaken beliefs which cause use difficulty. Tools and resources are provided to assist individuals with evaluating the thinking and choices which may prevent stability and independence as related to finances. Topics include: budgeting; strategies for more stable income and less expenses; wants vs. needs; evaluation of thoughts which support being financially responsible; working with your partner and family toward a mutual goal; helpful vs harmful beliefs and thoughts as related to spending; difference between Sprinter vs. Marathon styles; tips for increasing your income and reducing spending; and, information designed to build empathy for and awareness of the negative ripple effect of theft.

Consequences of substance/alcohol abuse and developing a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle:

In addition to the core concepts of DOC, this emphasis explores many elements but has an emphasis on recovery from thinking and choices which caused troubles associated with the abuse of substances
and/or alcohol. Topics include: explore how past thinking and choices may have (or, is starting to) developed into a life pattern of negative consequences; recognize successes and build upon those; discover what possible voids and needs alcohol and/or substance abuse satisfied in the past and how this can be better accomplished by maintaining more productive thinking/people/activities/places/ and things; how to build a satisfying lifestyle vision; evaluation of the impact our choices have on others via a review of empathy provoking materials; and be introduced to supportive tools and other self-help programs and resources to assist with continued success.

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Aggression control/Anger Management, Money Management/Theft Prevention, Consequences of substance/alcohol abuse

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