Staying on Track


The work after the work

Pre-Register: Group Sessions $40 / Individual Sessions $80

This is a one hour web-based, interactive support group or telehealth individual session.

This program is designed to support your previous efforts and to help you maintain those positive changes you have made. You will work with a licensed therapist to develop an individualized accountability/support plan and will utilize specially designed tools to build habits which help you stay on track and work toward a satisfying lifestyle.

Certificate of completion will be provided.

If you have not previously received an instructional email for this program or service, you will within 48 business hours after checking out.  The email will include next step instructions for completion of this program or service.


The following emphases are provided:

Success within Relationships: Supports those who have made efforts to move away from using violence within domestic relationships. Stay on track and maintain those healthy relationships.

Success within a recovery lifestyle: Supports those who have struggled with past addictive behaviors and are currently seeking to maintain a more satisfying and balanced life without substances.

Success within a balanced mental health lifestyle: Supports those who have struggled with mental health related challenges. Assists with maintaining a mental health plan which includes all life domains.

Documentation of attendance in provided.

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Success within relationships, Success within a recovery lifestyle, Success within a balanced mental health lifestyle, Success within a healthy parenting and co-parenting lifestyle

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Group, Individual


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