Monitoring and Supervision

TCSA coordinates with judicial systems to provide confirmation that a defendant is fulfilling obligations as indicated within the supervision agreement.

The Supervision process begins with an orientation during which monitoring participants will be provided with detailed information on all aspects of monitoring and the various requirements agreed to complete.

The agreement requires that participants live by certain conditions and to complete various requirements. TCSA’s role in this process is to monitor and document compliance, along with documenting completion of various requirements. TCSA is vested in the success of each participant and will provide processes to assist along the way.

Depending on the specific details of the monitoring agreement, Participants may be required to report at minimum electronically on monthly basis. In-Office reporting may be required as indicated by the specific Supervision program. Examples of times you may be required to report In-Office are: to undergo a random drug and alcohol test; have a need for visual inspection of an interlock device; and/or address non-compliance issues.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

TCSA has developed creditable and reliable processes for on-site screenings for Drugs and Alcohol. TCSA provides both a 6 and 12 panel urinalysis screening test. This screening process is supported via lab confirmation as needed. Click Here – for specific information related to this testing product.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings are conducted as scheduled by your supervision agent or as schedule via e-mail for self-referrals. If you are a self-referral and wish to schedule a Drug and Alcohol Screening, please e-mail with “last, first name / DA screening Requested” within the subject and your name and contact information within the body of the e-mail. Please also include the service area in which you would like to schedule.

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Evaluations and Assessments

TCSA provides a tailored evaluation and assessment process to fulfill the specific needs of the referring entity. Evidence Based instruments are utilized to assist the Judicial System by providing information for the purpose of making decisions on the appropriateness of supervision levels and to help determine placement within available resources.

Pre-Disposition Risk Substance Abuse Screening Assessment

Court-Referral: Offered for individuals who are screened for entrance into an organized Pre-Trial Intervention Program. Please follow the scheduling instructions as provided by the referring agency or your attorney.

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Self-Referrals: Individuals who have been referred by a defense attorney solely for informational purposes. To schedule your screening, please e-mail with last, first name / Assessment / County of Pending Offense within the subject. Include your full name and a contact number within the subject.

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In-house Programs and Counseling

TCSA has developed program structures which encourage the change processes initiated and supported by various referring agencies. It is our intent to provide quality and low cost services to assist clients in developing and maintaining responsible patterns in living. We strive to compliment and support the missions of our referring agencies. Our mutual goal is help create a safe community and to provide an atmosphere and opportunity to facilitate positive change. The success of our program depends on communication with referring agencies in an effort to maintain a collaborative effort to accomplish this goal.

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Online Courses

For required classes, your best solution is here. TCSA offers an efficient way to meet court, school or work requirements, all from the convenience of your own home at your own pace and on your own schedule. Licensed counselors have prepared courses that are fast, easy and stress-free! Simply utilize the on-line study aids, take the test and receive your verifiable Certificate of Completion.


  • For Court, School and Work
  • Absolutely NO Hidden Fees
  • Certificate of Completion Awarded
  • Free Proof of Enrollment
  • Self-Paced with 24/7 Access
  • Affordable and User Friendly
  • Guarantee of Acceptance

Web-based Management System

TCSA has developed a relationship with Corrections Software Solutions (CSS) who provides supportive services for TCSA’s case management software needs. CSS has a proven monitoring software system which is utilized state wide by a large majority of Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Departments.

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