Welcome to Texas Community Supervision Alternatives

TCSA contributes to public safety and community wellbeing by assisting clients with individual positive change through effective supervision programs and counseling services.

Court-Ordered ClassesMonitoring & Supervision

In-Facility Services

Conducted at our brick-and-mortar locations and require participants to attend class physically at the location.

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Web-Based Classrooms/Services

Conducted with the use of a HIPAA approved telehealth method requiring participants to be present and to participate via audio and video.

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Self-Paced Online Courses

Completed by participants individually by working through readings, videos, worksheets and slides for each lesson.

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Court-Ordered Classes

TCSA is committed to assisting you with completing your required programs and wishes to provide opportunities for you to gain insight and information to help you with long term lifestyle success.

Individual Counseling & Assessments

TCSA offers assessments as well as individual and couples counseling for both adults and adolescents.


Evaluations are often requested by the Courts and Agencies to help assess an individual’s overall risk and needs.

Monitoring & Supervision

TCSA coordinates with judicial systems to provide confirmation that a defendant is fulfilling obligations as indicated within a supervision agreement.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

TCSA has developed credible and reliable processes for on-site screenings for drugs and alcohol. TCSA provides both a 6 and 12 panel urinalysis screening tests.

Web-Based Management System

TCSA has developed a relationship with Corrections Software Solutions (CSS) who provides supportive services for TCSA’s case management software needs.

Community-Based Supervision & Monitoring Alternatives

TCSA provides a complete diversionary and sentencing disposition process for Judicial Systems. TCSA will consult with and assist agencies with the development of alternative sentencing options as well as provide complete supportive services to include: evidence based initial risk and substance abuse screening assessments and evaluations; drug and alcohol testing; effective and efficient supervision; Innovative software that provides 24-7 access for Courts to view compliance with conditions of supervision; in-facility and online evidence based psychoeducational counseling programs and services; and tailored services for special conditions and needs as identified.