About Us

Texas Community Supervision Alternatives (TCSA), LLC, is a privately owned, community- based, supervision and monitoring alternative for Court Systems.  Our vision is to create a partnership with the courts and with our clients based upon mutual respect and professionalism. We strive for excellence and offer the highest level of service to the community.

TCSA tailors our supervision services to accommodate the needs of Judicial Systems and to assist defendants with successfully complying with Court agreements – at no cost to the local court, taxpayer or government.

TCSA provides a complete diversionary and sentencing disposition process for Judicial Systems.  TCSA will consult with and assist agencies with the development of alternative sentencing options as well as provide complete supportive services to include: evidence based initial risk and substance abuse screenings assessment; drug and alcohol testing; effective and efficient supervision; Innovative software that provides 24-7 access for Courts to view compliance with conditions of supervision; in-house and on-line evidence based psycho-educational programs;  and, tailored services for special conditions and needs as  identified.

  • Professional Consultation with Court Systems during all phases of program development.
  • Customized to support existing Court Systems in being efficient and effective.
  • Experienced Monitoring Agents and Management.
  • Established level of accountability and communication with Court Systems.
  • Evidence based assessments and practices during all phases of monitoring programs.
  • Monitoring which is professional, respectful, and encouraging to all persons receiving services.
  • Assist Courts in maintaining public safety by facilitating client accountability and providing opportunities for change.
  • Innovative software that provides 24-7 access for Courts to view compliance with conditions of supervision.


TCSA employs staff who have vast experience within the field of Community Supervision and Corrections.  Each employee is held to the highest standards of professionalism and are employed to work within the Ethical standards set forth by the American Probation and Parole Association- Click here.

Managing Owner

Dean P. Eddy, MA, LPC-S (60595), LSOTP-S (99046)

Mr. Eddy has worked in the field of corrections since 1991. Previous to his current status with Texas Community Supervision Alternatives, LLC (TCSA) and The Center for Cognitive Education, LLC (The Center), he worked as a Probation Officer in Williamson County, Texas for 12 years and then as a Counselor at the Williamson County Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Center for 3 years. He has provided part-time contract counseling services for The Center since 1997. In 2005, he made his counseling practice a full-time endeavor and currently provides therapy services to individuals and family members involved in the Court systems as well as self-referrals throughout Central Texas. Mr. Eddy also provides supervision for other professionals pursuing Licensed Professional Counseling (LPC) and Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider (LSOTP) credentials. His basis for client work includes building a trusting therapeutic relationship which allows for insight, accountability, and action. He encourages and empowers clients in an effort to provide an opportunity for them to make positive changes within their lives. The development of TCSA was facilitated within the context of these tenets. He is also dedicated to contributing to and establishing healthy and productive communities through understanding and providing quality services to judicial systems.

Mr. Eddy is an original Founder and Managing Owner of TCSA. He is also Managing Partner for The Center since 2010 and has provided educational and counseling services for The Center since 1997.

Mr. Eddy has undergone extensive training within the field of Corrections as well as receiving specialized training in the area of Human Resources from the University of Texas. He also provides a variety of professional development training as well as technical trainings in the areas of Community Supervision and Counseling. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice as well as a Master of Arts degree in Professional Community Counseling from Texas State University.