Individual Counseling and Assessments


Individual counseling sessions are provided as scheduled and are 50 minutes at a rate of $95/session

(Please note: There is a $75 rescheduling fee)

TCSA offers individual and couples counseling with licensed and well qualified therapists for both adults and adolescents. Please scroll below to see full program description.

Reports are provided for your use as needed. TCSA will provide you with documentation to assist with insurance reimbursement.

TCSA wants to make sure you have all the guidance that you need at this time.  Within 48 business hours after checking out, you will be contacted via email to coordinate scheduling your session.  Counseling sessions are a private and personal matter and TCSA makes every effort to foster a safe confidential environment throughout the process.  The email you receive will include a TCSA Counselor contact number for you to use in the event you need to clarify specific details or to make additional requests about your process. 


Finding yourself, a partner, or one of your children having been arrested, or part of another type of agency investigation, can be overwhelming and often causes feelings of helplessness and despair. Our licensed counselors have vast experience helping navigate life elements (such as substance and alcohol abuse, domestic relations, aggression, financial struggles. etc.) which often have the ultimate result of causing consequences to include being in the Criminal Justice System and/or under stipulations of other entities such as Child Protective Services, licensing boards, and/or employee compliance departments. During your initial session with a TCSA counselor, you will develop a plan which will assist you in evaluating those areas contributing to your current circumstances. Recommendations may also be made for evaluations and other programs (or, continued individual sessions) which will assist you and which will help to document your efforts for the Courts and/or other Agencies. TCSA will also provide objective and credible reports for your use as needed during this process. TCSA representatives can also be available for testimony.

TCSA is mindful of legalities of pending charges/ legal actions and works within structures as established by your representation. Counseling with TCSA Therapists will be tailored to meet your individual needs and is available for all seeking help and guidance.

Additional information

How are/were you attending?

In-Facility (Georgetown), In-Facility (Temple), Web-Based

What are you paying for?

Counseling Session, Rescheduling Fee


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