Monitoring and Supervision

Formal Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) Program

Participants are expected to live by certain conditions and to complete various requirements. TCSA’s role in this process is to monitor and document compliance, along with documenting completion of various requirements. TCSA is vested in the success of each participant and will provide processes to assist along the way.

Depending on the specific details of the monitoring agreement, Participants may be required to report at minimum electronically on monthly basis. In-office reporting may be required as indicated by the specific supervision program. Examples of when a participant may be required to report in-office are:

  • To undergo a random drug and alcohol test
  • Have a need for visual inspection of an ignition interlock device
  • Receive support as related to compliance
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TCSA has developed creditable and reliable processes for on-site screenings for drugs and alcohol. TCSA provides  a 6 and 12 panel urinalysis screening test. This screening process is supported via lab confirmation as needed.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings are conducted as scheduled by your supervision agent or as scheduled via e-mail for self-referrals. If you are a self-referral and wish to schedule a drug and alcohol screening, please e-mail with “last name, first name- d/a screening request” within the subject and your name and contact information within the body of the e-mail. Please also include the service area in which you would like to schedule.

Pay for your Drug and Alcohol Screening

Evaluations are often requested by the Courts and Agencies to help assess an individual’s overall risk and needs.

Generally, the evaluations have the following emphasis depending on the circumstances prompting the evaluation:

  • General Predisposition Risk/Need Self-Elected and Attorney referrals
  • Substance Abuse Self-Elected and Attorney referrals
  • Domestic Violence Self-Elected and Attorney referrals
  • Mental Health Self-Elected and Attorney referrals
  • Pre-Trial Intervention Screening for formal Pre-Trial Monitoring Programs

The ultimate purpose of these evaluations is to provide information to assist with the disposition of pending charges and/or other actions as well as to make determinations as to what programs, classes, tools and information will most likely result in the individual’s long-term success.

Cost is $150

Please note that TCSA can provide supportive courtroom testimony related to evaluation results. TCSA has additional rates for testimony services. An Evaluation Summary Report is provided to include recommendations for services if applicable.

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DOC program description: DOC is a brief educational program designed to: provide an introduction to cognitive skills and allow for practice of these skills; allow for exploration, evaluation, and challenging of past thinking and choices which have caused troubles; assess current satisfaction with life domains (such as health, family, financial, social etc.) and develop a lifestyle vision plan; provide an introduction to supportive community self-help resources and services; assess current relationships and explore healthy vs unhealthy boundaries as this pertains to long term success and satisfaction.

Please note: DOC structure and cost may vary depending on location and program design developed at the request of referring agencies in those locations.

DOC core concepts are supplemented with the following emphases:

  • Aggression control/anger management
  • Money management/theft prevention;
  • Domestic relationships
  • Consequences of substance/alcohol abuse and developing a recovery lifestyle

This course is often completed by those individuals who have a pending criminal offense or agency requirement and they are looking to satisfy that requirement. DOC is a total of 10 classroom hours and meets for 5 two hour sessions. Some variations of this schedule are provided for those seeking a quicker completion.

Cost of the program is $45 per two hour session. Certificate of completion will be provided.
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Courtesy Supervision

TCSA provides courtesy supervision for participants who wish to move to Texas and have requirements to be supervised on a criminal case from another state.  This is often accomplished through what is know as an Interstate Compact Agreement between states.  Although, there are certain circumstances in which a probationer would not be accepted by a Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department for Supervision due to lack of eligibility.   Thus, not being eligible to leave their State of Conviction and move to Texas.  A common reason is the level of offense (misdemeanor/felony) and/or time remaining on supervision in the originating state.

TCSA has been approved by many jurisdictions to provide courtesy supervision for participants requesting to move to Texas after being sentenced to supervision in another state.  These cases have included:

  • County and District probated cases
  • federal pre-trail cases
  • Pre-Trial intervention/bond supervision cases

If you are seeking information about Courtesy Supervision, please send an email inquiry to with your request.

TCSA will work with the originating jurisdiction to provide all necessary information on our processes.  Participants will be required to commit to a TCSA supervision program agreement which does include compliance with all conditions from the originating jurisdiction.  TCSA will also assist you in locating local services to complete educational programs and/or treatment requirements.

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Web-based Management System

TCSA has developed a relationship with Corrections Software Solutions (CSS) who provides supportive services for TCSA’s case management software needs. CSS has a proven monitoring software system which is utilized state wide by a large majority of Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Departments.

If you are being monitored by TCSA, or you are a referring entity: