Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

Go to account sign-in and register for the course. Be sure to use a valid e-mail address, and check it after you sign up. If it does not arrive in a few minutes, check your spam or junk-mail folder.

From the e-mail, your account number and password will be needed to log onto the site. Do this at Member Login. Log on, and you are ready to begin your studies.

When can I take the course?

You can take your course anytime, day or night, and you choose how long you spend during each session. Depending on the type of course, you may be required to wait a certain amount of time before moving to the next section. This will be explained within the individual course descriptions.

How do I get proof of enrollment?

After you register and pay for the course, a proof of enrollment letter will be made available to you for immediate use. It is best at this time to confirm that the course will meet the referring entity’s requirement.

Do I need any books or other materials to take a course?

Everything you need is available on our site. No additional materials are required.

Do I get a Certificate of Completion?

With successful completion of course work and exam, we will provide your certificate immediately.

How long does a course take to complete?

The time frame is set by you. It could be completed in a matter of days, or over the course of weeks, for those with very busy schedules. Depending on the type of class, you may be required to wait a certain amount of time before moving to the next section. This will be explained within the individual course descriptions.

Does this course meet court requirements? If not, will my fee be refunded?

In most cases, yes. It is always best to check ahead of time to be certain. We provide you with a Letter of Enrollment. Submit this certificate to the court at the start of your work, then you will know that the work you do will be accepted. If the course does not meet the referring entity’s requirement, TCSA will refund your full fee. All you will need to do is e-mail with verification from the referring entity that the specific course will not be accepted. TCSA provides this refund guarantee.

Is there any time limit on completion?

For most courses there is no time limit. You set the pace. Please note, the referring entity may set a time limit for completion.

Can you describe your program in a nutshell so I can know what to expect?

You want a worry-free, professional, quality course and Certificate of Completion with no hidden fees or unexpected barriers. Sign up for an account and pay for your course, then take the course you chose at your own pace. Verification of enrollment will be sent when you pay for your course. You will work through module informational slide shows, complete individual worksheets, view learning links and pass module quizzes. After you complete the course and participant in the learning aids, take our exam. After you take and pass the exam, a Certificate of completion will be made available. If you do not pass the exam, we will provide you will additional learning aids and you will be allowed to retake it at no additional charge.

How is the exam given?

Course exam questions come in a variety formats: multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, etc. Exams are taken online at the end of each lesson.

Will there be assignments?

Some units contain daily living exercises and assignments designed to let you practice the new techniques you have learned. If assignments are required, this will be explained within the individual description of the course. You will be asked to complete individual worksheets. You will need to complete these, save to your computer and then upload into the quizzes as asked.

What forms of payment can I use?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.