Cognitive Skills On-Line Program (Level Three)

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If you are taking this course, it means that your thinking and behavior have caused serious consequences. This program is designed to help you challenge patterns in thinking that have led to these consequences as well as to help you in building healthy relationships in an effort to avoid such consequences in the future. The worksheets are designed to be useful to many different types of people. As persons respond to questions on the worksheets, they have an opportunity to individualize the materials of the program. Through doing so allows them to recognize and address the specific destructive patterns in thinking which have caused harm to them and others. The educational tools that are offered to you in this program are not only helpful in keeping you out of the Criminal Justice System but can also aid in building healthy and responsible relationships with others.

To complete the program, you must meet the program objectives and follow all agreements within this program agreement. Successful completion does not come with simply looking through the course information. You MUST complete ALL module tests and learning activities. Failure to meet the objectives will result in a unsuccessful completion of this program.